Thursday, April 14, 2011

trip to baltimore

last month oliver and i went to baltimore for a weekend to attend my good friend heather's baby shower. heather was one of my bridesmaids. we have been friends since our freshman year of college. i'm so excited that we are now starting our families together! the only bad thing is that we don't live anywhere near each other! (she's in detroit now)
it was such an easy trip because we were able to take the train. oliver LOVES traveling via train! it's so nice to have all that room, the stroller right there, and most of all to not need a car seat!
anyway, we had a nice trip and heather and randal got to meet ollie (finally!!!) and i got to meet the baby bump. can't wait to meet the baby!

on the train

sitting in the sun after brunch

hanging with randal

ollie, randal, heather, baby brown

during the shower oliver and i slipped outside and enjoyed the baby swing. here's a little video.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

7 months

oliver just keeps getting older! he refuses to listen to me when i tell him to stay the same for just a little bit longer. fortunately, i'm loving each stage more than the last, but it does make me sad that it's going so quickly.