Friday, August 27, 2010

we blend into the neighborhood

so i've been feeling a lot better and oliver, sophia and i usually take a quick walk in the evenings. however, i have not been brave enough to try to get the stroller out all by myself (it involves lugging oliver in his car seat down the stairs to the entryway, with sophia in tow. then getting the stroller base down the stoop and opened up. then getting the car seat attached to it, all while holding on to sophia's leash!) but yesterday i did it! we took a nice walk and oliver didn't cry (he's not a big fan of the car seat), and sophia didn't misbehave, and i blended in with everyone else in the neighborhood with my stroller, baby, and dog! it was really nice using the stroller, but it was a lot of work getting it down, and then back up. some days i really miss the suburbs.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

growing growing growing

well, as you guessed, little ollie is getting bigger and bigger. i guess i can't really call him "little" ollie anymore! we took him to the doctor today (to have a clogged tear duct looked at) and he now weighs 11.2!

he no longer fits in this: (the sling part)

or the bassinet attachment on the pack-n-play:
last night he was promoted to the regular mattress (raised of course). he seemed to like it.

at this rate, by next week we will probably be buying him a king sized bed! we are having such a good time with him though. i'm kind of sad that he's growing so fast because i'm really enjoying the way things are right now. i know that i'll love each stage (at least parts of them!) but i just wish he would stay a little baby a little longer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

chubby monkey

i took oliver in to the doctor today to check his weight and to ask about his stomach problems. as i predicted, they said it's normal and there is nothing they can do to help. the big surprise was his weight. he now weighs 10.7lbs!!! i don't know why or how he is getting so big, but he is growing like CRAZY! the doctor said they are supposed to gain 1 ounce a day, and oliver gained 26 ounces in 10 days!!! he is a chubby monkey. he is so sweet and cuddly though. it makes me said that by next week i probably won't be able to lift him anymore though. j/k

today was a busy day for us. we had the doctor's appointment at 1, and my good friend lauren is in town visiting family and she came by to help me get there. then we went to lunch with her. 2 outings in 1 day! oliver was so good through it all. and then, right when i sat down to eat dinner, he got fussy. oh well, i guess you can't be perfect all day, right? i just hope we get more sleep tonight than last night.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

it's a boy!!!

sorry i've been absent for so long! things have been hectic here, but for good reason: oliver james was born on august 1! it's already been 2 weeks, i can't believe it. he is such a good baby, we are really lucky. the only bad thing is he gets terrible stomach aches that i think hurt me more than him. i feel so awful not being able to help him. hopefully we will get that worked out soon.

anyway, i thought i'd share a little bit of the birth story with you guys. i started having contractions at 5am and they were coming strong and close together. we went to the hospital about 7:30. i was vomiting and shaking terribly the whole morning. once we were admitted my water broke (while vomiting). i was far enough along, and miserable enough that they went ahead and gave me an epidural. however, it didn't seem to be working. i could still feel everything and it wasn't just pressure, it was cramping. i also wasn't dilating as quickly as they wanted so they started pitocin. around 5:20pm i started pushing. it was extremely painful and i asked the doctor (who by the way wasn't my doctor, he was out of town) about the pain and she said "well... i turned your epidural off. i didn't want to tell you because i didn't want you to freak out." WHAT??? it turns out they were concerned about me not pushing correctly and the baby's heart rate being too high, so they turned it off. i ended up pushing for almost 3 hours (which is the limit before they do a c-section). i thought i was going to die! it was soooo painful and exhausting. i felt so bad because i was so tired and hurting that i wasn't even very emotional when the sweet little boy came out! i was just spent. he look HUGE but we wouldn't know what he weighed for several hours (they weigh them in the nursery). jamie and my mom were both in the room during the delivery and jamie's parents got there right after oliver was born. it was pretty good timing. and jamie's dad says it was a good thing he wasn't there during the delivery because he would have been raising hell! my eyes were swollen shut from the pushing and my right leg was completely numb from the epidural. it was from this moment on that the quality of care at the hospital (new york methodist) went drastically down hill! the orderly came in to take me to my room with a wheel chair and told me to get in it. i told her i couldn't walk, my leg was numb. she was dumbfounded. she didn't seem to understand this. so jamie and his dad had to help me into the chair while she just stood there, not even putting the foot rests down for me! we went upstairs to the rooms and no one checked me in or checked on me. they didn't bring the baby to us until 1am (and he weighed 9.3lbs!!!) and no one checked on me the rest of the night. the rest of the stay went like this. the nurses were kind and i loved the doctors, but i hardly ever saw any of them. it was always these nurses assistants who were extremely lazy and rude. i was in so much pain and unable to get out of bed and one of the assistants came in once and asked me if i took what i needed for when i got home (pads and such). i said no (did i mention this was at 5:30am and i had been sleeping???) she said "well get up then and come with me!" i was so confused "get up?" "get up and come with me! there's a cart in the hall and you can take what you need. come on!" i got jamie up and he got what he could. later the lady came back and asked if i got everything. i said "i didn't see any of the underwear, can i get some of those?" "they were on the bottom of the cart." i said "oh. we didn't see them." "did you look?" "we tried to." she says "but you didn't." i got mad "no, we DID!" this was all on the last day there and i also never received my breakfast. we were supposed to check out at 11, but they didn't get our paperwork ready until 2:30. still no breakfast. when we were finally discharged i asked for a wheel chair (can you believe i had to ask?) and the nurse said "why do you need a wheel chair, what did you do?" i said "i had a 9.3lb baby! and i can't walk that far." she was like "oh. well, if you want a wheel chair you're going to have to wait." and i did. then an orderly came with it and again, no assistance getting into it. thank god for my perfect, beautiful baby boy, but i will NEVER set foot in that hospital again if i can help it!