Wednesday, June 30, 2010

picnic and passion pit in the park

yesterday was a good day! one of my favorite people, marilyn, is in town for a few days and i was able to have lunch with her and her son. it was a lot of fun and so nice to be with people during the day! i'm hoping to see her again before she leaves.

then, yesterday evening we went to the park for a concert. throughout the summer our park (prospect park) is having concerts at the bandshell. last night it was passion pit. jamie and i really like passion pit, but we weren't willing to pay $35/person for it (and it was sold out!) we decided to just go sit outside the stage area and listen. often when i go to concerts i can see anything anyway, so what does it matter? it was actually really fun. we packed a picnic and took sophia. there were a lot of people with our same idea, and a few of jamie's coworkers joined us later on. if you are in the area, check out the website for the calendar of events. i think the next one we are interested in is july 30, so we'll see if we are able to go that close to baby t's arrival!

our picnic (summer salad and croissants)

this doesn't do it justice, but by the time the show started there were a LOT of people in our area.

behind the green fence is where the "real" show took place, but we could hear perfectly.

and this weeks belly shot. again, i don't know if you can tell by this picture, but i honestly think i doubled in size last week!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

window seat

so... once again i had to get up early because the plumber was supposed to be here between 9 and 10 to grout the tile and then be done. (i don't know if i've mentioned this before, but throughout my pregnancy i haven't slept well. i actually often don't even fall asleep until around 6am or so, so i get my best sleep in the morning.) well, 10:00 came and went, as did 11:00! then the lady downstairs called and said he was supposed to be here in 15 minutes. he finally came around noon. however, he came (to grout the tile remember) and forgot the grout!!! can you believe this guy? so he left and then came back around 1ish. he did the grouting and left around 2:45. after he left i felt so liberated and free! i could pee if i needed to, i could lay down, i could let sophia roam freely. i felt like i had been a prisoner in my own home all week, and now i was free! i laid on the couch and read for a bit, then i got tired and i actually decided to take a nap (which i NEVER do!) right as i fell asleep someone rang my buzzer. i was furious. i can't get a moments peace! it was my landlord AND the plumber. the plumber wanted to show my landlord what he had done. needless to say, after they left i didn't fall back asleep.

there is still lots to do to prepare for baby t's arrival. as i've mentioned before i haven't posted pictures of the nursery because we still need to do some cosmetic things and organize organize organize! one thing i've been needing to do though is make a cover for a cushion to go on the toy chest/window seat. last night i finally did it. i had no idea what i was doing, but it turned out pretty well. and i made it envelope style so it can be removed for washing. here are some pics. and hopefully once jamie gets home we can get everything else taking care of and post some pictures!


sorry i've been MIA this week. it's not that i'm so busy that i haven't had time, (although i have been keeping busy!) it's more that i'm so boring i don't have much to share. i have spent this entire week waiting on the plumber. it's been an ongoing nightmare for a few months now. apparently for over a year our shower has been leaking into the apartment below us. for some reason they never decided to get this fixed until after we moved in (lucky us!) so literally for months now i've spent many, many days waiting on a plumber, who may or may not show up. and the plumber that we've been using (in my opinion) is an idiot. so... on sunday they found a new plumber and he at least had the brains to decide he needed to knock into the wall to see what was causing the leak. the bad news in this is that there was going to be a hole in my shower and one in the lady's below us ceiling! so yesterday he first came at 9am. then for some reason he had to leave and talk to the landlord then come back, so basically the ENTIRE day i waited on him. he didn't leave until 6:30. and did i mention the water was off??? so i held my pee for hours (which is asking a LOT of a pregnant girl!) i held it so long i couldn't bare it any more and i had to pee in a cup (3 actually). it was miserable. so today he was supposed to come at noon. he didn't. then he was supposed to come between 3 and 4. he didn't. he finally came around 5:30. which put him here through dinner time. it just so annoying and inconvenient. so now i have my hole filled in with tiles, but he has to come back tomorrow to grout them. he supposed to be here by 9. this better be over tomorrow is all i have to say!

Monday, June 21, 2010

jamie's gone

well, i guess the reality of father's day made jamie run for the hills. he skipped the country today. just kidding. i mean, he really did leave the county, he'll be gone for a whole week! he had to go for work. i don't mind, except for the fact that we are now only 5 weeks away from our due date and who knows what could happen!

i really wanted him to have a special father's day weekend. on saturday i asked him what he wanted to do, and he said "go to the beach!" so we packed up and headed out. it normally takes about 45 minutes to get to jones beach from our place, saturday it took 2 hours! that was the start of the kind of day we had... we actually planned to go to this beach we found just north of jones called cedar beach. we thought it was a free, public beach. when we finally got there we find out it cost $25!!! i don't know about you, but i find this ludicrous! so we made a u-turn (thank goodness they are legal here) and went back to jones beach where it cost $10. however, you can't just pay at the entrance, you have to get a car pass. we did not know this, so we had to make another u-turn to go get one. crazy! we finally got there and it was PACKED! i had a feeling it would be like this, and have actually seen worse, but i guess jamie was unprepared. he was really bummed out by the whole ordeal. and did i mention how cold the water was??? it was FREEZING! it wasn't that cold in cape cod! THEN, when we headed home traffic was even worse and it took 3 hours to get home! poor jamie. he said saturday was one of those days he hates living in ny. and here i was trying to give him a good weekend!

thankfully sunday was better, but we didn't leave our neighborhood either. it was HOT out. really really hot. we got breakfast and took sophia to the dog run (she didn't last long). then we just relaxed at the house until we got hungry again and we took sophia to eat mexican food on the patio of a restaurant. it was really good. and it cooled off slightly while we were there. that evening we also went to get ice cream. we joked that it was more sophia's day then father's day because we only went places she could go too. every day is sophia's day!

sophia giving jamie his father's day gift

i know you can't see the card, but it has a water color of brooklyn on it. and said something like "happy father's day from brooklyn" it wasn't that cute, but i thought it was fitting.

father's day kisses

i got jamie a tiny little grill that we can hopefully use on the fire escape. i don't know why the box says silver, it's green. everything i buy is green : )

and here is the current belly bump.

Friday, June 18, 2010

jamie's first 5k

last night jamie had his first 5k run. it was through his work, it was something like the jp morgan corporate challenge (???) when he signed up for it (back in february), his whole team (minus 1) signed up, and they had big plans of training and preparing for it. i don't know what the rest of them have been doing, but jamie's idea of "training" apparently involves eating lots of hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza. oh! and not running.

anyway, i met him up at his work and went with everyone over to central park for the run. i think only 2 other people from his team ended up running (slackers!) but my jamie is truly a champion! he ran it even though he hasn't run since december. when he gives his word, he means it! the event itself was insane! there were so many businesses involved. apparently they had to break it into 3 days. yesterday was the 2nd day of it, and there were TONS of people! they had divided the park into different areas (assigning each business to an area) and i think there were at least 3 of those, and ours was packed. i don't think i got very good pictures to give you an idea, but it was crazy. the bad part was that i couldn't see the actual race. i just stayed with everyone's bags. maybe next year baby t and i will wander down the the race (if i could even find it!)

this is jamie pre-race

everyone on team AE gearing up!

and after the race. his classic pose.

this was the beautiful sunset we saw on the way home.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sock monkeys!!!

yesterday we received an awesome package from our good friends levi and linda! it was full of lots of surprises. one of which, was a sock monkey! it's really cute. then today, we received a package from future aunt erin and uncle clay. and inside it was an adorable sock monkey onesie! they go together perfectly, and now i'm wishing i had done the nursery in sock monkeys! i guess i still kind of can since i haven't made the curtains or hung anything on the walls still. (i have 5 weeks, plenty of time!) anyway, thanks you guys! we really appreciate the goodies!

oh! and i forgot to mention that erin and clay also included some goodies for sophia, before i even opened the package she was OBSESSED with it! and then when i put the treats away and was taking the onesie into the baby's room, she would not leave the onesie alone. i guess it smells like delicious dog biscuits!

Monday, June 14, 2010

busy weekend!

i got home from sunset beach friday evening and i feel like i haven't sat down since! i guess i am in heavy duty "nesting" mode. i feel like i have been throughout the pregnancy, but now that we have just 6 weeks to go, i'm getting even more so. and i'm hoping it will rub off on jamie! saturday we went out to long island and bought our car seat and stroller. then, on sunday jamie put it together. however, they sold us the wrong car seat adapter, so we couldn't attach it and now we have to go back next weekend. it's so annoying when stuff like that happens. but at least we have the car seat, so now if baby t decides to come early, we're prepared!

oh! and i forgot to mention, when i got home on friday there were several boxes of baby gifts waiting. i thought this one was so pretty, even after being stuffed in a box!

here is our new stroller (without the seat)

the whole family was working hard to get things ready, even big sister!

i also talked jamie into putting up a new ceiling light in the baby's room. the one that was in there just didn't seem like a bed room light. so we bought a new one at ikea. i guess it was a pain to install, but it looks awesome.

see? this is the old light. not really a bedroom light, right?

and the new one! it doesn't look that impressive here, but soon i hope to post pics of the finished room and it looks really great with the furniture.

here are some more beach pics:

me and my momma (she'll kill me for posting this!)

a rather large crab we saw

big belly!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


i have a new love in my life. it's the calabash creamery! (sorry braums! you still have the best frozen yogurt.) EVERYONE who knows me knows i'm obsessed with ice cream. i come by it legitimately, ice cream lovers are on both sides of my family! anyway, this new place, the calabash creamery, is all homemade (in the back of the store) and the flavors are both traditional, and exciting! my favorite so far is the birthday cake. it is sooooo good. i like most "cake" flavored ice cream, but have found that most are a little too rich (like coldstone's cake batter), but this one is perfect! it's literally like you are having yellow cake and ice cream, stirred together. there is even some icing (the kind they put on ice cream cakes that tastes similar to cool whip). anyway, it's heaven.

here are some pics of the place, but they are pretty bad. i had to take them with my phone and it was nighttime.

not only is the ice cream good, but the store is cute too, and you can eat it out on the porch in a rocking chair.

these are just statues but they are pretty much life size. i think they had been name "scoop" and "dip" or something. i love cows.

so tomorrow i go back to new york. i'm actually excited to get back. i really miss jamie and sophia. i will miss the beach and this gorgeous weather of course, but i think i miss them even more! i'm also ready to get home and really crack down and get ready for baby t. we only have 6 weeks and a couple days to go!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

sunset beach

sunset beach is a little island between north and south carolina. my family has been spending summers here since my mom was a child. it's very small and is all residential. they don't allow any restaurants or hotels (there is just one motel which has been there since before they started coming here), so that makes it kind of cool. it's very quaint and quiet.

once, when i was a teenager (actually my last time to be here), my family was leaving to come here in a week and i told a boy i knew and he said "where in north carolina?" i said "you've never heard of it, it's just this tiny island, sunset beach." he said "i'm going there next week!" it was REALLY weird. maybe it's hard to comprehend the craziness of this situation, but growing up in oklahoma, most people referred to the "beach" as a lake. NOBODY i knew went to the ocean, and i still to this day haven't met anyone else who's ever been to or heard of sunset beach! so anyway, i got to hang out with my friend while i was there, which was way cool for a 15 year old girl who would otherwise have been stuck playing cards with her family (how embarrassing!)

anyway, this year at the beach house we are renting, there is a dove nest over the screen door. there is a mom, dad and 2 babies. the parents take turns sitting on the nest. it's really interesting to watch (probably especially since i'm pregnant) but i am amazed that they can just sit there all day and not go crazy! and i'm also amazed, and impressed by the teamwork of the parents. i LOVE that the dad is equally responsible for the babies! i hope jamie and i are like that, are you reading this jamie??? ; )

there are so many beautiful flowers here!

this is our walkway to the beach, isn't it lovely?

and here is our house

this is one of the doves. they have been nicknamed "lovey" and "dovey"