Friday, May 28, 2010

baby t's shower

sorry i've been absent so long! i was in oklahoma, and then yesterday (my first day back) i was super busy! but today i have pictures of the baby shower to post. thank you so much to everyone who came! i had a great time and we got lots of awesome gifts!!! here are a few pictures:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

beautiful day!

today was a gorgeous day! finally!!! i had to run some errands before i leave for my trip, so i did a lot of walking, and it was hot, but wonderful. this morning i finished up some orders, including the toddler t-shirt i was talking about. i think it turned out pretty cute. when i got it it was very boxy, so i changed the sleeves to cap sleeves, which helped a lot, then added a ruffle around the neck and as a finishing touch, a removable fabric corsage.

after all of this i still had time for a quick mani/pedi, and boy did i need it! i still need to pack, but other than that i'm pretty much ready to go. i'm really excited, i do wish jamie and sophia were coming with me though : (

here are some belly pics from this week (sorry they are so late!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wednesday wednesday

it was only slightly nicer outside today, which was okay with me (i have a lot of projects i want to get done), but not okay with sophia. poor girl. as some of you know i'm going to oklahoma for a few days (and a baby shower!) this weekend. so, i'm trying to get all my orders completed as well as some projects i've been wanting to do before i leave. today i made a top secret custom order which i can't wait to show you! but you'll have to wait a few weeks until they receive it for me to unveil it. i also am starting some toddler shirts. it's been kind of hard for me to find a good toddler shirt, so i'm trying to make due with what i have.

jamie and i really like giada de laurentiis and since i've been home i've been watching her show "giada at home" every now and then. she's is almost so perfect it's annoying, but i still like her. her home is gorgeous (right on the beach in california) and she is always having these awesome get-togethers. anyway, the other day she made this heirloom tomato and basil tart. she made it as an appetizer, but i thought it could be a nice light meal with a salad. so tonight we gave it a shot (jamie also had some chicken to go with his). it turned out really well, but probably would make a better appetizer. anyway, if you want to try it out here's the recipe.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shelving debacle

jamie and i had a really good weekend. the weather was nice both saturday and sunday! on saturday we took sophia to the park to swim, then we met some friends (including a friend who was visiting from columbus) for brunch. the rest of the day we just took it easy. then on sunday there was a big street fair on our street. it was pretty intense, but fun! we walked all day and then went grocery shopping. THEN, i talked jamie into helping me hang some things in baby t's room. we had received a mirror as a gift (thanks tara!) and i wanted to put it over the changing table. we already had some wall shelves from west elm and i was planning on hanging 2 of them on the blank wall and putting some framed pictures on them. however, as usual, nothing goes our way and the shelves were IMPOSSIBLE to hang! the first try actually worked, but for some reason it was really crooked. so then we started over (and had to patch the holes because did i mention the wall is cement and we had to drill the holes?). that time was unsuccessful because one hole was off by the tiniest amount. one more try and it was a no go also! poor jamie was so frustrated and annoyed. and on top of that we now have 9 holes in the wall! so now i'm debating about hanging the pictures on the wall collage style, or trying to find a handyman that might have better luck. what do you think?

this is our new mirror! i really like it. i wish it were a little bigger, but i couldn't find one in the style i wanted. hopefully it will do it job and distract the baby at least a little bit.

these are the shelves we have. they look nice right, not like the evil shelves they are in real life???

so this is the blank wall where i was wanting to hang the shelves, and now might do the collage.

these are some of the pictures i'm wanting to display. any thoughts?

i know it's not a great picture but the collage in the background is kind of what i was thinking. (this picture is from

Thursday, May 13, 2010


my brother's girlfriend is in town and we were able to hang out yesterday. it was terribly cold and rainy, so we didn't do a lot, but we did get tickets to go see wicked! neither of us had seen it before, so we weren't sure what to expect. it was sooo good! we really liked it. our seats weren't ideal (4th row on the side) we could only see about 1/2 of the stage, but i really don't feel like i missed much. one strange thing though, was the bathroom attendant. usually they are just in there to keep it clean, or hand you a towel or something, right? well, this lady decided she needed to direct traffic in there. which seems weird to me because we've all been standing in line for the bathroom our whole lives! why do we need someone to tell us who goes next and which stall??? anyway, i went really quickly right before the show started (so there was no one else in there). When you walk in you can go either direction, well i went one direction and the lady yelled at me! she was like "you have to go this way, this way!!!" i was already standing in front of the stall, so i wasn't about to go back and do it again! and she said "yeah you. go on with your pregnant self!" what??? weird.

today i made a new onesie for baby t. it's one i've been wanting to make for a while, since i'm all about nautical things!

tonight we are going to another game night. wish us luck! maybe we'll do a little better than last time.

And here are this weeks belly bump pictures (i've gained 5lbs since last month's doctor's visit!):

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

things i'm liking

today is a VERY lazy day! i actually got up early and went to the library before it even opened to try to get the new emily giffin book that came out today. unfortunately they didn't have it. they also didn't have the book jamie wanted. they never have anything. this is one of the things i don't like about the brooklyn library. it's so big too, what do they have in there if not the books i want to read???

i was home by 9:30 and i have been so sleepy ever since. poor sophia has been sleeping all day out of boredom. (did i mention it's cold and gray outside?)

here's sophia pouting on the couch--not just on the couch but with a pillow under her chin!

anyway, since i've been so unmotivated today, i thought i'd just do a post on things i like right now. they are completely random things, so just keep that in mind! here we go:

1. mason jars, especially blue ones! and if you add fresh flowers, i like them even more! this picture is from

2. large bags. i love bags, in a variety of sizes, but since we live in ny, i've been really into big ones. and it's not just this bag i love, i'm really into oil cloth fabric. i've been wanting to get some to make several projects, but i haven't gotten to it. this picture is from (i love everything amy butler makes!)

3. bright, cheery fabrics! i love fabric, but i especially like seeing them all together. i'm the same way with flowers. there is just something even better about flowers/fabric when there are several different kinds and colors together. these are from (who i also love!)

4. metal chairs, i love colored metal chairs. i've always dreamed of having a house with a big backyard complete with a great outdoor table and an eclectic mix of colorful chairs like these. i found this picture on

5. ruffles! (as i'm sure you guys noticed) i like them on any and everything! these are from

6. wall decals. i don't have any, but i really like the idea of them. i had planned to use some in baby t's room, but unfortunately it's too small to have any room for them! i think this one is really clever from walldecors on etsy.

7. and finally, old cozy houses. i LOVE this style of houses. i want one so badly. i've come to accept the idea that i will not own a house until i'm 80 years old, and then it will probably just be a condo in florida with elisa. but i still drool over them whenever i can. this one belongs to the author of ohmydeer.

Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day weekend

we did end up going to long island this weekend, even though it ended up being really nice (but insanely windy) on saturday. we had planned to run a couple of errands, go to the mall, eat some food, and see iron man 2. however, on the way jamie got a call from a friend asking if we wanted to see it saturday night at the imax. jamie said yes, but then they found out it was sold out and did we want to go sunday night? without the movie, we had some time to kill before dinner (and we had brought sophia and wanted to do something with her) so we drove to the ocean. we drove to jones beach and then kept driving until we didn't see a "no pets" sign. we finally found one! it was a nice beach, but we were the only ones there. and it was SOOOO windy! i really think if i didn't have this belly i might have blown away! we didn't spend a lot of time out there, but it was pretty. we definitely want to go back.

that night we went to a game night at some friends' place. it was a lot of fun. we even had a sorry tournament. i was in the loser's group, but i came in 2nd place! not bad for not having played in probably 20+ years!

sunday was NOT a pretty day. it was cold and gloomy. jamie and sophia got me flowers (not peonies though) and a carvel ice cream cake, and some beach smelling bath stuff from victoria's secret. it smells sooo good! we went to brunch, but then i didn't leave the house again. it was a really nice mother's day weekend, but i do hope next year it's better weather!

i wish this were a gigantic one, but unfortunately our freezer is the size of a shoe box. guess we'll just have to get another when this one is gone!

this is the scent of bath stuff i got. it's a new line i think. the packaging is really pretty and it honestly smells like wax for surfboards mixed with sunscreen. just what i need when i'm missing florida!

btw, we never did make it to iron man 2, maybe we can go this weekend.