Thursday, March 31, 2011

valentine's day

my friends and i wanted to get the boys together for valentine's day. we decided to meet for lunch at a cafe that is super kid-friendly. infact, on tuesdays and thursdays oliver and i sometimes go to sing-alongs there.
i wanted to make ollie a shirt to wear for valentine's but i didn't want it to be too cheesy, or girly. i decided to screen print a shirt that says "i am loved" in french (or at least i think it does, i never took french!) anyway, i made one for all of his friends as valentines from ollie (and if you're reading this, i made you one too anderson! i just never saw you to give it to you.) all the boys except one wore them to lunch and i really wanted to get a picture of them all together, but they each had their own melt down, and we never got a picture. oh well!

this is the front of the valentines oliver made (and i swear his feet grew an inch right after we made these!)

and the back

this is the shirt (with a drool bib i also made)

i just think this picture is so funny i had to post it!

oliver and kingston being big boys in highchairs

ollie lounging

my sweet little valentine!

i'll probably try to sell these shirts in my etsy store next year, i just didn't get my act together in time this year.

6 months!

oliver james turned 6 months old on february 1st! he is growing so quickly and changes everyday. here are a few pictures from his 1/2 birthday:

my birthday

so once again, i apologize for being so far behind! here is a little update on my birthday weekend. it was the end of january, and anyone who knows me knows i hate my birthday. not the celebrating of my birthday, but my actual birth DATE. winter is the worst, and having your birthday during it is just depressing. it doesn't help that it's fairly close to christmas, and jamie will be quick to point out that it's only a couple weeks before valentine's day. he gets really overwhelmed with all these gift-giving holidays so close together! on top of that, the past 2 years my birthday was during a blizzard. not cool. needless to say, we never do much to celebrate. this year jamie was determined to make up for that! and make up he did!!! my actual birthday was on a friday. when i woke up i found a delicious carrot cake cupcake on the table from sophia and oliver! then i received a delivery of flowers, a balloon, and chocolates! i had planned to meet some of my girl friends (and their babies) for brunch, and we had a really good time. then that evening jamie, oliver and i tried to get an early dinner (and it was successful for the most part). and jamie brought home a strawberry shortcake, yummm! he gave me my card and inside was a description of a spa day jamie planned for me for the next day! it was at the peninsula hotel. i was scheduled for a massage and facial, but i also had access to the whole spa: the sauna, steam room, pool, classes, etc. i really wanted to take a pilates class, but the only one that wasn't during my pre-booked services was at 9am, that meant i had to leave at 7:30! (that was the only downside.) i had a great time. it was so relaxing. unfortunately the pool was a bit cold, but i got to eat my lunch by it and the view was amazing. then, that night jamie threw me a surprise party at our favorite sushi restaurant! (he accidentally ruined the surprise a couple of days before by posting something about it on facebook, but i didn't tell him i saw it.) it was a wonderful birthday and jamie is the best husband! thank you thank you thank you jamie! xoxoxo

me and oliver and our friends at brunch

the view from the pool

my delicious lunch!