Tuesday, September 29, 2009

west palm

after spending 2 days in orlando, we rented a car and drove down to west palm beach. it was jamie's first time to south florida! i got to show him around my old school, PBA. we got a great deal on a place right on the island and spent most of our time at the beach. we also got to go see the blink 182 show with the all american rejects and hang out with our old friends. it was a great show and PACKED! the next day i took jamie on a tour of south florida. we went to the beach in boca, then drove down to ft. lauderdale and had dinner on the water. it was a great weekend!

palm beach

the all american rejects

blink 182

one of the coolest things i've seen! this is travis playing drums on a flying and spinning drum set!

boca raton

boca raton with jamba juice!

our view from dinner in ft. lauderdale

the beautiful sunset

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kirk said...

sounds like a great weekend. miss you guys!