Monday, August 16, 2010

chubby monkey

i took oliver in to the doctor today to check his weight and to ask about his stomach problems. as i predicted, they said it's normal and there is nothing they can do to help. the big surprise was his weight. he now weighs 10.7lbs!!! i don't know why or how he is getting so big, but he is growing like CRAZY! the doctor said they are supposed to gain 1 ounce a day, and oliver gained 26 ounces in 10 days!!! he is a chubby monkey. he is so sweet and cuddly though. it makes me said that by next week i probably won't be able to lift him anymore though. j/k

today was a busy day for us. we had the doctor's appointment at 1, and my good friend lauren is in town visiting family and she came by to help me get there. then we went to lunch with her. 2 outings in 1 day! oliver was so good through it all. and then, right when i sat down to eat dinner, he got fussy. oh well, i guess you can't be perfect all day, right? i just hope we get more sleep tonight than last night.

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