Friday, September 24, 2010

first trip to oklahoma!

wow! i can't believe it's been so long since i was able to post anything. it's hard to find time when i have 2 hands free, but i've enjoyed every minute of it.
anyway, we spent last week in oklahoma! jamie was able to fly there with us (i was nervous to fly alone with oliver the very first time), but sadly had to leave just a day later. originally oliver and i were only going to spend a long weekend in OK, but then my mom had a brilliant idea for us to stay a little longer and we would drive with her to my sister's house in arkansas, then fly out of little rock. my sister was due any minute with the twins, so we were hoping that we might be able to meet the girls too. however, she went into labor the night we got to oklahoma, so my mom had to leave the very next morning. everything went smoothly and the babies were big and healthy! my mom came back sunday night and planned to spend a couple days with us then we would still head to AR as planned, but as the days went by we decided 3 babies might be a bit much, so oliver and i again changed our flight and we just flew out of oklahoma instead. my mom went on to arkansas without us, but we got to spend lots of time with the tallerico grandparents, which was really nice.

here are a few pictures from our trip:

oliver spent lots of time in his car seat, which he's never really done before. he was such a trooper!

danny's birthday was on tuesday, but we celebrated a little early while jamie was still in town.

the tallerico men

oliver finally got to meet his aunt elisa (and estella too, but i didn't get a picture)

then on danny's actual birthday we surprised him at work and went to lunch. (notice oliver's onesie. it says "i ♥ grandpa".)

granna squeezing as much oliver time in as she could before she had to leave.

finally home with dad!

by the way, oliver did AWESOME on all the flights. he is such a good boy.