Tuesday, November 2, 2010

oliver's first halloween!

sunday was oliver's first halloween. i thought about his costume for weeks! i originally wanted him to be a bear (because i call him ollie-bear), but i had a really hard time finding one. so then i decided, this might be the only time i get to pick his costume, i'm going to pick something i love. giraffe it is! he looked so cute! it was a really hot costume, so i was really glad it was cold out. he had a little party at his kindermusik class on saturday, then on sunday we met up with one of my mom's groups, then went to a friend's house. apparently halloween is a HUGE deal in our neighborhood. they have this big parade, and all the stores give out candy, and the houses decorate, some even open up with a haunted house, etc. so it was a mad house! we didn't even watch the parade because it was so crowded and cold. but we had a good time!

then, yesterday, oliver turned 3 months old!!! i can't believe it. lately we've been hanging out with some younger babies and it's crazy seeing how much they really do change by 3 months. and oliver (always the overachiever) cut his first 2 teeth last night! hopefully i can get some pictures of them soon!

here's the comparison from 1-3 months:


Anna Elder said...

he's so flippin cute! hope you had a good halloween!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

What a cute little giraffe! I can NOT believe he is already getting teeth...major over achiever! lol!