Thursday, November 11, 2010

oliver sees NY

our dear friends, steve and marynan, came to NY for their anniversary this past week. we were lucky enough to get to meet them for brunch when they first got here, and then oliver and i got to spend the day with them on wednesday seeing NY! we took one of those bus tours with them and it was a lot of fun. i wouldn't necessarily recommend doing it with a baby (or child for that matter) but oliver was awesome! it was a 5.5 hour trip and there were a few times we got off the bus, but they were very brief and you were moving even then, which made it hard to find times to change and feed him. he didn't fuss really at all though, thank god! part of the tour even included a ferry ride out to the statue of liberty! we didn't get out but it took us right up to it and paused for a bit before taking us back. so oliver has now been on every mode of transportation possible i think: train, plane, automobile, and boat! and he's only 3 months! what will i do to impress him the rest of his life???

oliver chillaxin' with the maberrys!

they are both listening very intently to the tour guide talk about strawberry fields

oliver wasn't so sure about the boat, but he cheered up quickly.

standing on the bow (i think that's the right term!)

and here she is, lady liberty

we had such a good time, thanks again aunt marynan and uncle steve! hope you enjoyed your visit! xoxo

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

How fun! You look gorgeous as always and Oliver is getting bigger and more handsome every day!