Sunday, January 9, 2011

christmas part 1

sadly, since we had to fly to oklahoma for christmas, we weren't able to bring sophia with us. we had to board her, but found a great place. before we took her in, we celebrated an early christmas with her. we filled her stocking and i think she loved her gifts! oliver and i each got to open a gift too (sent from gramps and emme. don't feel too bad for jamie, he opened ALL his gifts from them as they came!) it was a good time, but i'm still sad she couldn't come with us : (

we flew into OKC on christmas eve, and went to my mom's house for a little gathering. my sister and brother-in-law were there with the girls, and his parents and jamie's parents. it was the first time for us to meet the twins, and for them to meet oliver. he seemed to really like his cousins. he's not normally around baby girls, so he was very intrigued!

oliver was also thrilled to see his gramps (as you can tell from the pictures!)

it's a tradition in our family to open 1 gift on christmas eve, and it's always pajamas, or something related to sleep. so we opened our 1 gift and went to bed. we were VERY tired, having woken up at 4:30 to catch our flight!

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