Thursday, December 23, 2010


i had really wanted to take ollie to see santa while my mom was here. not just santa -- THE santa, at macy's on 34th street. however, we ran out of time. i wanted to go on a weekday to try to avoid the crowds, so i finally took him on a monday. jamie works near there, so i was able to call him when we were getting close and he met us there. the line wasn't too bad, 45 minutes i think. and ollie did great! however, since we were trying to wait for jamie, i had to keep letting people cut us in line and so it started taking longer and longer. when jamie got there oliver was still in good spirits, but soon started getting fussy. he decided he was hungry. i had brought a bottle, but he doesn't get given bottles much, so he wouldn't take it. he then decided he was STARVING!!! so i had to figure out a way to nurse him. now, let me explain the situation: it's freezing out, so i've got 2 shirts on, oliver in the carrier, a coat, a carrier cover, a diaper bag strapped across my chest, and another bag i'm carrying. we are literally a couple feet from santa, and i have to find an opening through all of this to feed oliver, while standing in line with 100s of people. and i did it! i am super mom! i was so proud of myself. although, we could only keep letting people pass us for so long, we had to go to santa and oliver wasn't done eating, hence the crying baby with santa picture. oh well. maybe next year! the good news is we got to do a family picture before we got to santa while ollie was still happy. it turned out pretty good. we had fun and now we can tell oliver he went to macy's santaland and met santa.

did i mention how disappointed i was in santa? his beard didn't even look a little real. and he had on a ton of make up, and he wasn't fat! what's the deal???

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