Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4th of july

since we don't have any family nearby, our friends mike and maureen were kind enough to invite us to maureen's parents' for a swim party the saturday before the 4th. her parents live in long island, and it was awesome! their house, pool, neighborhood, EVERYTHING, was beautiful! we had a great time. ollie and their son, pj, are great friends and had so much fun together (they didn't even nap it was so fun!) the only bad thing was that the weather was (for once) not that hot, so swimming was a little chilly. it didn't stop us though :)

is this not the cutest dog? his name is oliver, so the whole day everyone was yelling "ollie no!"

this was our delicious dessert

the rest of the weekend we didn't do too much, we got lunch with uncle joe. and on the 4th, after putting ollie to bed, jamie and i ventured up onto our roof to see fireworks. we were a little scared going up there because it's not made for that but it was gorgeous once we got there. we couldn't really see any fireworks though, unfortunately.

ollie in his 4th of july pj's from granna


gorgeous sunset

hope you had a great 4th!

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