Sunday, September 25, 2011

ollie turns 1!!!

i FINALLY have some pictures to post from oliver's first birthday party! i had soooo many, that it took forever to edit, and figure out which ones to post, etc. here is a sampling and i also have a slideshow to post in a day or 2. the party was a success! we had a good time, and ollie seemed to have a great time, so that's what really mattered. we decided to go with a 70's surf theme, meaning muted neon colors, etc. jamie designed the invites and they turned out awesome! oliver is lucky to have such a talented dad, and i'm lucky to have a husband/designer on staff :) we decided to do a brunch with the hope that early morning wouldn't be as hot. we served bagels, cream cheese, yogurt/fruit/granola parfaits, doughnuts, and bloody marys (which were soooo good!). there were a few hitches: i ordered these amazing, giant balloons (which were pricey) and i bought a helium tank and it didn't really work. i was bummed about that, but what can you do? also, we dragged oliver's highchair all the way up to the park so he could eat his cake in it, but forgot the tray! so we just set him on the ground, which was totally fine.

i'm so thankful to everyone who came to help us celebrate! this was by far, the best year of my life. oliver has changed me for the better and i love every second of being his mom! in a lot of ways this year has flown by, and i can't believe that he went from a helpless newborn (although, never tiny!) to this little boy in a years' time!
i love you oliver james, happy birthday sweet boy.

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

cutest bday ever!! i love all the sweet details you added!! ollie is so lucky to have such a fabulous mommy!!