Sunday, December 5, 2010

baby O is 4 months old!

sorry it has been forever since i've posted anything. i have a lot to share, but not much time to do it! we had a wonderful thanksgiving and are so thankful to have oliver to share it with! my mom was in town and we had so much fun with her. i will try to post some pictures from her visit this week, but for today pictures of ollie turning 4 months! i really like these pictures because they truly show where he's at these days: chewing his fists, putting things in his mouth, clasping his hands, etc. he has changed SO much! i feel like this month i see the difference more than ever.

we put our tree up the day after thanksgiving and he LOVES the lights!

here is the the 1-4 month comparison (notice how much bigger his tummy gets each month!):

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