Monday, July 26, 2010

farmstand dinner

so... now my mom is here, and baby t still isn't. we are patiently waiting (maybe not totally patiently, i was bouncing on the exercise ball last night trying to bounce the baby out!) i had another doctor's appointment today and there has been no change since last week. not what i was hoping to hear. he offered to induce me the end of the week but i opted to wait. there is a full moon tonight and i'm hoping it might help move things along. also, i figured if the baby is ok, and i'm not dying, then i might as well wait as long as i can. i will be having another sonogram on thursday though, and he had me schedule 2 for next week also. my doctor will be on vacation next week, but if i haven't had the baby by the time he gets back he will induce me on sunday night, august 8th. that sounds soooo far away! surely baby t will find the way out before then!

on another note, what do you do while waiting for a baby to arrive? EAT! on sundays in our neighborhood there is a really nice farmers market. we don't buy things there too often, but we always want to. we took my mom there this weekend and decided to have a farmstand dinner. we got fresh green beans, baby potatoes, green tomatoes, red tomatoes, and corn. i was so excited!

i decided to share my recipe for fried green tomatoes, since it's really different than most people's. we call it italian style fried green tomatoes, or tallerico fried green tomatoes, but it was inspired by some we had at our dear friend's cass and maggie's rehearsal dinner. it's pretty easy.

•green tomatoes (however many you think you can eat) sliced vertically (so the core is the center)
•salt and pepper
•1 egg
•italian bread crumbs (i don't have an exact measurement for this, i just pour some and add more as needed)
•olive oil
•bruschetta (recipe below)

to make:
•slice the tomatoes and lay out on a cookie sheet.

•season with salt and pepper on both sides (you can then refrigerate if you aren't quite ready to make)

•heat olive oil in a large frying pan

•whisk egg in a bowl
•add bread crumbs to another bowl (you are setting up an assembly line)

•once the oil is hot (try flicking some water in it to see if it sizzles) take one tomato and dip it in the egg (coat it well), then in the bread crumbs (give it a nice coating), then add it to the frying pan. keep going until your pan is full, then keep an eye on it looking for crispy edges. when you see these, flip the tomatoes. it doesn't take very long, a few minutes on each side.

•after both sides are fried remove tomatoes from the pan and set them on a paper towel lined plate. keep going until all tomatoes are fried!

you can either buy bruschetta or make it. we make it and here's how:
•chop up 1 red tomato, 2 cloves of garlic, and about a 1/4 of red onion.
•mix all these ingredients up in a small bowl. add salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil to taste.
•lastly add fresh chopped basil. it's best if you make this a little ahead of time because the longer it sits, the better it tastes!

then just top each green tomato with a little bruschetta, eat and enjoy!

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