Friday, July 9, 2010

the nursery

sorry i haven't been posting very much. the pregnancy has finally gotton to me, and it's won the past couple of weeks. tomorrow is the first day of our 38th week, so really baby t could come at any moment. i have been having a really difficult time sleeping (and most of you know i'm not a great sleeper under normal circumstances) and during the day i just feel so run down and achy. this is infuriating to me because there is still a lot i need/want to do, not to mention our house is a disaster! but i've decided to listen to my body and just take it easy (as often as i can).
a lot of you have asked me to post pictures of the nursery, so today i took a few. i need to do a video probably to give you a feel for the layout, but this will work for now. it's not finished, but it's in working order. plus, we plan to have the baby sleep in the pack-n-play for the first few months in our room anyway. when you look at these keep in mind i still want to make curtains, pillows, and hang pictures on the walls. we have the pictures, i'm just waiting for my mom to get here for some guidance. oh! i also plan to get a rug or 2.

here is the window seat, which you've seen before.

changing table/dresser and diaper station

this is a print that jamie did for our friends' letter press company, sycamore street press. i love it. the other things we have to hang up are other prints. i can't wait to get them on the walls!

okay, i had this vision in my head when we first saw this place to make this nook a closet of sorts. we finally got some "racks" to hang up. so far we don't really have many clothes, so no need to hang any, but hopefully it will look cute with little baby clothes there. if not i may create a curtain to hang in front.

and the crib. sorry i couldn't get a good angle of it, but it's got a bunch of stuff in it right now, so maybe that's a good thing you can't see it : )

the mobile, which you've also seen before. and that adorable little elephant back there is a music box of sorts. you pull down on it's tail and it plays.

so in addition to being run down, i've been craving fruit. lots and lots of fruit. this weekend i somehow managed to buy just about every kind of fruit there was. i didn't even do it with the thought of a fruit salad, but when i got home that was all i could think about! so i made a great big one (and ate it all) and made another one (and have almost ate it all too). at least i actually ate all the fruit instead of some of it going bad like usual! and isn't it so pretty?

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