Tuesday, July 6, 2010

holiday weekend

i don't remember if i mentioned my battle with UPS. the friday that jamie was gone i got a notice that UPS had come by, but i swear i didn't leave the house and the bell never rang! the notice said they would try again on monday and 2-5pm was marked AS WELL as after 5pm. so i sat here from 2:00 on. our friend levi was in town and came over to go to dinner with us around 8. we didn't leave the house until after 8:30. the UPS guy still hadn't come, but i figured he wasn't going to come any later than that. of course when we got back there was another notice. crazy! this one said tuesday after 5. well, i assumed it would be super late again, however, the only thing i had to do that day was have lunch with marilyn, so i figured i'd be there. when i got back from lunch (around 1:30) there was another notice!!! the final notice, so the item was being sent back. boooo! i was so mad. i called in and they said i could come pick it up. i had to wait until friday so jamie could drive me. it was less than 5 miles away and took us 2 hours! anyway, the good news is i got my item! a new camera i had ordered.


i'm really excited about it. i wanted to get a nice camera to take pictures of baby T, and this one does video too. my very good friend marie has the same one, so i knew it would be a good one. we tried to play with it a lot this weekend. unfortunately my only model really was sophia, but she's a good one!

here's an action shot of her with one of her favorite toys (thanks stacey!)

i have some specific ideas of pictures i wanted jamie to take, i wish i could do it myself but did i mention jamie sold nearly everything we own while i was sick the first trimester??? that included my tripod! (needless to say, this isn't exactly what i was going for, but we'll get there!)

we also had our first child birth class last week. it went really well (although the other couples weren't nearly as out going and open as i had hoped they'd be). we have 3 more classes, so maybe they will loosen up. i can't believe it's almost time for baby T to be here!

btw, we had a really good 4th of july! i'll post pictures from that tomorrow.


Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Yea! I was going to ask you if you got a memory card! your pics looks so good! 5 miles took 2 hours...that is craziness!!!

Danielle said...

You guys look so cute! I love following your blog! Can't wait till baby T arrives!
Miss ya!