Thursday, July 15, 2010

jamie's work baby shower

yesterday, jamie's coworkers were sweet enough to throw him a surprise baby shower! it happened during the day, at work, so i wasn't there (and of course, don't have many details because boys don't give details), but one of his coworkers emailed a couple of pictures. it looks like it was really nice and very unexpected and thoughtful. also, that evening they had planned a dinner (which i was invited to) and that was fun also! we ate at a semi fancy restaurant, there were probably 20 or so of us, and in the middle of this restaurant they had us play the diaper game! you know the one? where there are melted candy bars in diapers and they pass them around and you guess what kind of candy bar it was? well, it didn't go over so well, and one of jamie's friends was particularly disgusted! it was fun though.

yummy food and drinks!

they surprised me with this desert, which happens to be one of my all time favorites: warm cookies and ice cream. yummmm it was sooo good!

the biggest news though is that today we had our final ultra sound! my last one was at 20 weeks, so it's been a while. and i had forgotten, but after the last one when my doctor got the info, he was like "did they change your due date?" i said "not that i know of." "well, it says on here july 21, but it was july 31, right?" me, "yeah." so he said that the measurements looked fine and we would leave it as the 31st. well, today when i went for the ultra sound they technician said "your due date is the 21st?" i said "no, the 31st." she was very confused and said they had no record of that and that the measurements from the previous scan were exactly where they should be if my due date was the 21st. so.... she measured again today and said it definitely should be the 21st. which is next week, did you realize that??? (on a side note, it's kind of cool that the due date is july 21st b/c that is jamie and i's 5 year anniversary!) also, she estimated the baby's weight at 7.14!!! that's a lot bigger than i expected. hopefully baby t comes soon so he/she doesn't get too much bigger! but i also want baby t to wait a bit b/c my mom doesn't get here until the 27th! dilemmas dilemmas.

baby t's first blog photo!

we aren't lucky enough to get one of the fancy 4d scans, but this one is pretty good.

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said... the baby pic!!! That is crazy about your due date! So, I guess I'll come after the baby gets here! lol! July has just flown by so far! That is so sweet that Jamie's work had a shower for him! Hopefully you got some good stuff!! :)