Sunday, December 5, 2010

thanksgiving week

my mom was able to come to our house for thanksgiving! we were so happy to have her, for many reasons, a few being that without her we would have been all alone, and another MIGHT be that the week before she came, oliver decided he doesn't like to sleep anymore! she flew in the monday before thanksgiving and was supposed to get in at 11pm. However, every time she comes here something seems to go wrong with the flight, so unfortunately my poor mom didn't get to our house until almost 2am!!! shortly after she got here and settled in bed, oliver woke up. so she got very little sleep that night (most nights actually!) but that didn't stop her from being granna! she has more energy than anyone i know. i honestly don't know how she does it!

here she is, playing with oliver before she even had a chance to get out of bed!

my mom has always wanted to go to the macy's thanksgiving day parade, but i HATE crowds, and the thought of dealing with those crowds with a baby, that early in the morning, in bad weather, just didn't sound doable, so instead we decided to go see the balloons being blown up the night before. i figured it would be crowded, but i thought surely less crowded than the parade. i'm not so sure it was! it was soooo crowded! you basically go around the block of the natural history museum in this "line" of people (it's a mob!) and then you file back out. i especially felt sorry for the little kids who's parents brought them in strollers because they are down on the ground, with people all around them, and they can't see a thing! it would be really scary to me to just be surrounded by legs. they were crying and screaming and i honestly didn't blame them a bit. i think we are glad we did it though, it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

oliver was not amused.

once we got to the front of the museum, we went up the steps and into a roped off area and we could see everything! it was so nice up there (and not crowded!)

that night, again we got very little sleep, so we got a late start on the meal. jamie and my mom had bought a turkey breast to share but it ended up taking FOREVER to cook, so we ate the meal without it. i don't think they even missed it. it was a delicious meal and of course we made WAY too much food!

oliver was helping with the rice!

in honor of her uncle clay, sophia got her "ear-do"

this sweet boy was so excited for a holiday that focuses on food!

it was a really nice day and everything was delicious!

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Oliver is getting so big and even more adorable!! Looks like you all had a great time with your mom!! We need to chat soon!! Miss u!