Tuesday, May 11, 2010

things i'm liking

today is a VERY lazy day! i actually got up early and went to the library before it even opened to try to get the new emily giffin book that came out today. unfortunately they didn't have it. they also didn't have the book jamie wanted. they never have anything. this is one of the things i don't like about the brooklyn library. it's so big too, what do they have in there if not the books i want to read???

i was home by 9:30 and i have been so sleepy ever since. poor sophia has been sleeping all day out of boredom. (did i mention it's cold and gray outside?)

here's sophia pouting on the couch--not just on the couch but with a pillow under her chin!

anyway, since i've been so unmotivated today, i thought i'd just do a post on things i like right now. they are completely random things, so just keep that in mind! here we go:

1. mason jars, especially blue ones! and if you add fresh flowers, i like them even more! this picture is from wemetinabar.com

2. large bags. i love bags, in a variety of sizes, but since we live in ny, i've been really into big ones. and it's not just this bag i love, i'm really into oil cloth fabric. i've been wanting to get some to make several projects, but i haven't gotten to it. this picture is from amybutler.com (i love everything amy butler makes!)

3. bright, cheery fabrics! i love fabric, but i especially like seeing them all together. i'm the same way with flowers. there is just something even better about flowers/fabric when there are several different kinds and colors together. these are from annamaria.com (who i also love!)

4. metal chairs, i love colored metal chairs. i've always dreamed of having a house with a big backyard complete with a great outdoor table and an eclectic mix of colorful chairs like these. i found this picture on designsponge.com

5. ruffles! (as i'm sure you guys noticed) i like them on any and everything! these are from evie-s.com

6. wall decals. i don't have any, but i really like the idea of them. i had planned to use some in baby t's room, but unfortunately it's too small to have any room for them! i think this one is really clever from walldecors on etsy.

7. and finally, old cozy houses. i LOVE this style of houses. i want one so badly. i've come to accept the idea that i will not own a house until i'm 80 years old, and then it will probably just be a condo in florida with elisa. but i still drool over them whenever i can. this one belongs to the author of ohmydeer.

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