Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shelving debacle

jamie and i had a really good weekend. the weather was nice both saturday and sunday! on saturday we took sophia to the park to swim, then we met some friends (including a friend who was visiting from columbus) for brunch. the rest of the day we just took it easy. then on sunday there was a big street fair on our street. it was pretty intense, but fun! we walked all day and then went grocery shopping. THEN, i talked jamie into helping me hang some things in baby t's room. we had received a mirror as a gift (thanks tara!) and i wanted to put it over the changing table. we already had some wall shelves from west elm and i was planning on hanging 2 of them on the blank wall and putting some framed pictures on them. however, as usual, nothing goes our way and the shelves were IMPOSSIBLE to hang! the first try actually worked, but for some reason it was really crooked. so then we started over (and had to patch the holes because did i mention the wall is cement and we had to drill the holes?). that time was unsuccessful because one hole was off by the tiniest amount. one more try and it was a no go also! poor jamie was so frustrated and annoyed. and on top of that we now have 9 holes in the wall! so now i'm debating about hanging the pictures on the wall collage style, or trying to find a handyman that might have better luck. what do you think?

this is our new mirror! i really like it. i wish it were a little bigger, but i couldn't find one in the style i wanted. hopefully it will do it job and distract the baby at least a little bit.

these are the shelves we have. they look nice right, not like the evil shelves they are in real life???

so this is the blank wall where i was wanting to hang the shelves, and now might do the collage.

these are some of the pictures i'm wanting to display. any thoughts?

i know it's not a great picture but the collage in the background is kind of what i was thinking. (this picture is from designsponge.com)

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ZACH said...

we bought that same shelf, first try didnt work out. second try i bought wall anchors (big like molly clamps) and was able to get it to work out, really nicely.

lots of cussing was involved