Tuesday, May 4, 2010

catch up

sorry i've been MIA the past few days. i've been pretty busy, i will try to get you all caught up. this weekend was GORGEOUS! on saturday jamie had a friend doing a painting in the park, so we took sophia and headed up the slope. we found an area of the pond where dogs are allowed to swim (lucky for sophia!) it's a big pond, but the area for dogs was pretty small, that didn't bother her though. as i've mentioned before, the rules at the park are that dogs can only be off leash before 9am or after 9pm. we weren't sure if this applied to the water or not. when we first got there, there was only one other dog in the water, and he was off leash. of course we immediately let sophia in (off her's). instantly about 10 other dogs appeared (i think people just watch for someone else to do it, and when they see that they jump on the band wagon). anyway, all the dogs were having a great time, and then 2 cops come over and tell us they need to be on their leashes. everyone except one lady with 2 dogs left. we put leashes on the dogs but let them stay in the water. then some kids from a little league baseball team came over to see the dogs swim. one little boy was so sweet and i let him throw the ball for sophie. they instantly fell in love! he threw the ball for her for like 45 minutes, and only stopped because i could tell she was tired so i made her get out. then we went over to watch the painting. it was such a hot day. i had put sunscreen on (jamie did not) and when we left he was bright red. i also got burned on my shoulders (i guess i missed a few areas).

there was also a craft/food fair going on in our neighborhood this weekend, so we took sophia home and then went to check that out. and THEN we went to a birthday party that night. so it was a long day, and LOTS of walking.

on sunday we decided to go to brighton beach/coney island. we got a late start, so we didn't get there until like 2:00 or so. it was fun, but would be more enjoyable if we got there earlier and brought our own food. that way we could have relaxed on the sand. instead we spent most of the time walking and walking and walking trying to find some food.

as you can see it was a very busy but fun weekend! and the weather is hot, which is how i like it. now if only we can get our apartment cooled down without paying a fortune on our electric bill!

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