Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day weekend

we did end up going to long island this weekend, even though it ended up being really nice (but insanely windy) on saturday. we had planned to run a couple of errands, go to the mall, eat some food, and see iron man 2. however, on the way jamie got a call from a friend asking if we wanted to see it saturday night at the imax. jamie said yes, but then they found out it was sold out and did we want to go sunday night? without the movie, we had some time to kill before dinner (and we had brought sophia and wanted to do something with her) so we drove to the ocean. we drove to jones beach and then kept driving until we didn't see a "no pets" sign. we finally found one! it was a nice beach, but we were the only ones there. and it was SOOOO windy! i really think if i didn't have this belly i might have blown away! we didn't spend a lot of time out there, but it was pretty. we definitely want to go back.

that night we went to a game night at some friends' place. it was a lot of fun. we even had a sorry tournament. i was in the loser's group, but i came in 2nd place! not bad for not having played in probably 20+ years!

sunday was NOT a pretty day. it was cold and gloomy. jamie and sophia got me flowers (not peonies though) and a carvel ice cream cake, and some beach smelling bath stuff from victoria's secret. it smells sooo good! we went to brunch, but then i didn't leave the house again. it was a really nice mother's day weekend, but i do hope next year it's better weather!

i wish this were a gigantic one, but unfortunately our freezer is the size of a shoe box. guess we'll just have to get another when this one is gone!

this is the scent of bath stuff i got. it's a new line i think. the packaging is really pretty and it honestly smells like wax for surfboards mixed with sunscreen. just what i need when i'm missing florida!

btw, we never did make it to iron man 2, maybe we can go this weekend.

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