Thursday, May 20, 2010

beautiful day!

today was a gorgeous day! finally!!! i had to run some errands before i leave for my trip, so i did a lot of walking, and it was hot, but wonderful. this morning i finished up some orders, including the toddler t-shirt i was talking about. i think it turned out pretty cute. when i got it it was very boxy, so i changed the sleeves to cap sleeves, which helped a lot, then added a ruffle around the neck and as a finishing touch, a removable fabric corsage.

after all of this i still had time for a quick mani/pedi, and boy did i need it! i still need to pack, but other than that i'm pretty much ready to go. i'm really excited, i do wish jamie and sophia were coming with me though : (

here are some belly pics from this week (sorry they are so late!)

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