Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's almost may!!!

sorry i didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday. you didn't miss much though : ) today was cool and super windy, so i didn't really leave the house. i did work on lots of projects though. i made several fabric rosettes, they can be used as hair clips, or broaches, or anything really. for more information check out the Ladybird Designs blog or order here.

on monday my good friend stacey was in town and we got to have dinner with her. it was really great to see her, it had been way too long! sophia loves stacey as well, and just to make sophia love her even more, she brought her a present! it's a tug of war toy, shaped like a "z" and it's made of that incredibly durable rubber. sophia, however, thinks it's a great toy for fetching. she's so crazy.

anyway, we are looking forward to warmer weather. i think the rest of the week is supposed to be nicer. cross your fingers!

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