Tuesday, April 20, 2010


today has been a busy day. however, i feel like i haven't accomplished a whole lot. i DID clean the kitchen (i did the bathroom yesterday), however i had planned to do the kitchen AND the dinning room. oh well, just more work for tomorrow. i also made the binding for the quilt and got started on attaching it. i quickly attached it to the front and thought i would be finishing the quilt tonight! then i realized you have to hand stitch the backside : ( it will be a while for that to get finished. once again, i am in awe of people who make full sized quilts!

here is the finished binding on the front

and the beginning of the hand stitching. i worked on this for at least an hour and didn't even finish 1 side!

i also made a new hair accessory for ladybird designs. it's a fabric flower headband. it's hair accessory week at LBD, so there will be a new one each day (hopefully!) for more information check out the blog: ladybirddsgns.blogspot.com or order directly from the etsy store.

no baby, so i put it on the bunny.

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I'm in awe of YOU and your quilt! I went to my g'ma's last night and she showed me how to use the sewing machine...haven't started my bag yet! lol!