Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ladybird Designs

so... the name of my etsy store is Ladybird Designs. it is by no means ready to go, but i have started a blog to go along with it. for now the blog is i'm not sure if i'm going to keep this as the blog, and it needs a lot of work still, but feel free to check it out. jamie made me an awesome logo, but this is just a temporary banner (i think). this kind of stuff is what i have been doing the past couple of days. it is tedious work and not very exciting, and at the end of the day when someone asks "what did you do all day?" i feel like i don't have an answer. but hopefully, it will all pay off!

the weather was beautiful today. it was warm and sunny. sophia and i did take a couple of walks. unfortunately, the rest of the week (and weekend) is going to be chilly and rainy. i am not looking forward to that. due to the bad weather tomorrow, my goal is to finish baby t's quilt. i haven't touched it since the bating came. hopefully it won't be too hard to finish.

as for tonight, i got the dvd of "the happiest baby on the block" from the library and i'm making jamie watch it with me! (just kidding, i don't have to make him, he happily agreed!) i've heard the book is really good (i got it last week but haven't read it yet) but i haven't heard much about the dvd. i'll let you know how it is tomorrow.

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