Thursday, April 1, 2010

april 1st

this morning i received TWO boxes in the mail. this is very unusual, and exciting for me! one of the 2 i was expecting. i had ordered replacement blades for my rotary cutter a while ago, and have been playing tag with the post office all week. the other one was a complete surprise!

first of all, let me say that i assumed that my blades would be very small, small enough to fit in a padded envelope in fact. which is why i was so surprised that shipping was over $6! and then, when it came today, it was in this huge box!

see how small? this is all that was in there!

just to give you a better idea of the size...
btw, did i mention they turned out to be the WRONG size??? so now i have to figure out how to return them!

the other package was much more exciting! it was an easter package from my sweet momma!

this is what i found inside

aren't these bibs cute? they are the first baby t has!

and finally baby t has a 2nd outfit!

cute little marshmallow treats. and did you notice the reese's eggs? my favorite!

after this pleasant morning sophia and i noticed it was a GORGEOUS day out! so we decided to head to the park. we live by this amazing park and have only gone to it once. the only bad thing is that dogs aren't allowed off leash during the day. however, it was such a pretty day out, i thought she'd enjoy it anyway. so i packed a blanket and a book and we headed out. she had been kind of on edge all day, which is somewhat normal in the apartment, but not outside of it. anyway, we got there and spread out. i was laying down reading and she was sitting next to me, and all of a sudden she is standing on my face, freaking out! apparently she saw another dog and didn't want it coming near us. i stayed cool, but once i sat up and got her calm i noticed blood pouring off my face. i assumed i had a small scratch. luckily i had kleenx with me. i got it to stop bleeding (after going through 3 kleenx), and decided to try to stay a bit longer. i could feel my face swelling though, so decided to head home. when i got there i was mortified! it was so much bigger than i thought! and starting to bruise and already swelling. i tried to clean it and put ice on it, then neosporin. it is sore, but i'm especially concerned about scaring since it's so large, and on my face! cross your fingers for me!

this picture does NOT do it justice. i promise, it looks a lot worse. : )

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I've been reading all your posts on facebook, but didn't realize they were coming from your blog....I'm not very techno-savvy and a little slow!! haha! I def wish we lived closer too...I want you to teach me how to sew! I'm going to start off making one of those cute little bags you made for your guests at your wedding!