Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i love the sun!

it was almost 90 degrees today! i was so excited. sophia and i packed up and headed to the park again. it was really hot so we found a spot by a tree. it still seemed too hot for little sophia though. AND she was very confused about not being allowed off her leash. poor girl. but the good news is that we made it home without me losing an eye or anything!
once again, i don't have much to say, and sadly no pictures. when it's nice out, all i want to do is be outside.
i do have one thing to say though, tomorrow jamie's parents are coming to visit! i'm really excited. jamie is even taking friday off work so that we can do something fun. the only bad news is that the weather isn't supposed to be very nice while they are here. hopefully that will change. we don't have any definite plans set, but we will probably go to ellis island to see jamie's grandfather's name. and of course, eat lots of delicious food! does anyone have any suggestions of things we should do, or places we should eat???

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

jealous of all your park time with sophia and your 90 degree weather... It stormed here last night and ended up being really cold today! Have fun with Jamie's parents, how long are they staying?