Monday, April 19, 2010

the weekend

so our date night was a success! although, i have to say, i've always had kind of bad luck, and since jamie and i have been together, it seems to have magnified! the date started off right with jamie bringing home the most beautiful flowers! i was very surprised. the weather was nasty, so we went to a sushi restaurant right by our house. the timing wasn't really right for the movie, we finished dinner over an hour before the next showing, but since we didn't want to disturb miss sophia, we decided to head on over. of course it started pouring! we took the car b/c the theater is pretty far, however, we still had to park a ways away and we both got SOAKED! the tickets cost us $24, which i think is crazy, but to be expected. and the theater was a crap-hole. it was old and gross. our movie was playing on the top floor (which was reached by climbing rickety stairs) and it was a loooong way up! i thought i might go into labor getting there. when we got inside it was tiny and filthy. at least 1/2 of the few seats were broken, so when we finally found some i sat down in relief, only to find myself stuck in a hole. i mean i couldn't even see, it was a hole! jamie switched me seats, but had to pull me out. the movie was really good though. we saw "date night". and the rest of the night went without a hitch. on saturday we spent the day running some arrands in long island. i enjoyed myself b/c i got to go to joann's, michaels, and target. i think jamie could have done without. it took literally the entire day, and on the way home i was looking through my purchases. i noticed that joann's didn't give me the fabric i had paid for! we had to turn around and go all the way back! we had made plans that night to go to dinner with a friend of jamie's. we went to pacifico in carroll gardens. it was really good. we left around 11:30 or so and had to take 2 trains to get home, well, the second train we took the wrong direction (i'm not going to blame anyone for this mistake, but it was not MY fault!) so we got off went to the other side and found it was closed! no trains in that direction. so we had to get back on the other train, go 1 more stop out of our way, then turn around. sounds easy enough, well it wasn't. when we got they the train didn't come, didn't come, didn't come. there were a ton of people waiting and it didn't come! FINALLY it came and as we got on the conductor made an announcement that it wouldn't be making any of the usual stops. we would have to go past ours, then get on another train to go back!!!! crazy. we finally made it home at 1:45am. see what i mean about luck?
anyway, today i worked on baby t's quilt. i decided to rip all the seams out and start over. i got the quilting done, and it's not perfect, but better. tomorrow i will try for the binding. i also made a hair clip for my etsy store. it turned out really cute. everyone should buy one. j/k!

these are the beautiful flowers from my sweet jamie. isn't the vase cute too? it was a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law!

oh! i forgot to mention i cut jamie's hair on sunday. i don't think he likes it (he thinks he looks like he should be on "jersey shore") but i do.

here's the side (jamie hates his profile)

finished front of the quilt

finished back

new hair clip

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