Thursday, April 22, 2010


it's almost the weekend! horray! today has been busy. i started a project i have been putting off for a couple of weeks, decorating a wooden tray. i was first inspired by my good friend marie when she posted pictures of her tray on her blog. Unfortunately, i'm not as good as marie and mine doesn't look very professional. it has a lot of air bumps in it : ( I actually purchased 2 trays, hoping to put one on the back of the toilet, but it is too big for that spot. so, the one i started today is for our bed room, and maybe the other one will go in the nursery??? we'll see...

first, jamie spray painted it with heirloom white spray paint.

then i picked out a piece of scrapbook paper to line the bottom with (this one is from amy butler, b/c i love her.)

then i just used mod podge to glue it into place and added more on top to make it durable/water proof. see the air bubbles??? tomorrow i will post finished pics.

i also made baby t a new onesie today. it will go up in the etsy shop probably next week, but i thought i'd share it with you guys today.

this is the "initial onesie"

AND, the hair accessory for day 4 is up at it's another hair clip, but this one has a felt flower. it's pretty cute if i do say so myself.

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