Monday, April 12, 2010

tallerico weekend

thursday afternoon jamie's parents arrived! we had a really good time with them. we didn't really do a lot, just explored a few neighborhoods and ate a lot of really good food, but it was so good to see them! And they seemed to really like our neighborhood, so maybe they'll come back : )
here's a few pictures from the weekend:

one of the neighborhoods we went to was carroll gardens. this is jamie and my new favorite neighborhood. it's a lot like ours, but something about it is even nicer!

this was in front of a little chapel we stopped at.

and inside the chapel

we took them by our grocery store because there is a pretty good view of the statue of liberty.

did i mention they brought presents?!? this is an adorable robe they brought for baby t

and matching towels

lots of cute things!

and even something for me!

and gorgeous nursing gown (and SOOO soft!)

and matching robe

poor sophia. nothing for her this time :(

we also went to brooklyn heights (which is very beautiful too!)

and here's this week's belly shot. fyi: i look bigger in this picture (or dress) than i actually am.

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eeguiltner said...

I think we must be about the same belly size now! :)