Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter sunday

today was easter, and it was a gorgeous day! jamie and i had planned to go to the late easter mass, so i got up and made a special brunch: california eggs benedict. it took longer than i had thought (because of the hash browns), but it turned out delicious! AND we didn't have to deal with the crowds at a restaurant! then we went to mass (it was my first one ever). the church was beautiful! i was really expecting a formal service, traditional hymns with a choir and organ, the whole shabang. however, it wasn't formal at all music-wise. i'm wondering if it was because it was the late mass? anyway, after mass we were going to take sophia and a picnic to the park, but we were both still full from brunch, so we just packed up the dessert i had made and took it with us. it was such a nice day, so of course the park was full. fortunately it is a HUGE park, so we were able to find a spot. we watched people playing frisbee, soccer, cricket, flying kites, and even juggling and doing other circus tricks! and the best part of all: we made it home with no scratches from sophia! j/k she's a good girl most of the time. it was a really great easter, hope yours was too!

easter brunch

delicious california eggs benedict! (for those of you not familiar, it has no meat, instead it has avocado and tomato and is from heaven, aka california)

the beautiful st. francis xavier church

my yummy dessert. it's basically a lemon/blueberry cheesecake. if you want the recipe it is here.

good girl

my growing belly, just for kicks.

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

What a fun Easter together! I'm going to have to try your dessert, it looks yummy!