Wednesday, March 31, 2010

easter eggs

last night jamie and i dyed easter eggs. it was actually our first time in 4 easters together! we only did 6 eggs (since jamie won't eat them), and we used 2 techniques: the rubber band method and a marbleizing method. i don't think the rubber band method is new, but i've never done it, and i had never even heard of the marbleizing method. they turned out ok, and we had a really good time doing it.

here's the set up

step 1: regular dyeing

finished step 1

step 2 put rubber bands on eggs we want to have stripes

dye these

step 3 add oil to color to create "marble" effect

roll egg around in oil mixture, then pat dry with a paper towel (we didn't find this to create much of a marble effect, but it did look cool)

jamie did this one, it's my favorite

finished eggs

sophia was so interested in what we were doing, i think because of the strange vinegar smell!

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