Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sock monkeys!!!

yesterday we received an awesome package from our good friends levi and linda! it was full of lots of surprises. one of which, was a sock monkey! it's really cute. then today, we received a package from future aunt erin and uncle clay. and inside it was an adorable sock monkey onesie! they go together perfectly, and now i'm wishing i had done the nursery in sock monkeys! i guess i still kind of can since i haven't made the curtains or hung anything on the walls still. (i have 5 weeks, plenty of time!) anyway, thanks you guys! we really appreciate the goodies!

oh! and i forgot to mention that erin and clay also included some goodies for sophia, before i even opened the package she was OBSESSED with it! and then when i put the treats away and was taking the onesie into the baby's room, she would not leave the onesie alone. i guess it smells like delicious dog biscuits!

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