Thursday, June 10, 2010


i have a new love in my life. it's the calabash creamery! (sorry braums! you still have the best frozen yogurt.) EVERYONE who knows me knows i'm obsessed with ice cream. i come by it legitimately, ice cream lovers are on both sides of my family! anyway, this new place, the calabash creamery, is all homemade (in the back of the store) and the flavors are both traditional, and exciting! my favorite so far is the birthday cake. it is sooooo good. i like most "cake" flavored ice cream, but have found that most are a little too rich (like coldstone's cake batter), but this one is perfect! it's literally like you are having yellow cake and ice cream, stirred together. there is even some icing (the kind they put on ice cream cakes that tastes similar to cool whip). anyway, it's heaven.

here are some pics of the place, but they are pretty bad. i had to take them with my phone and it was nighttime.

not only is the ice cream good, but the store is cute too, and you can eat it out on the porch in a rocking chair.

these are just statues but they are pretty much life size. i think they had been name "scoop" and "dip" or something. i love cows.

so tomorrow i go back to new york. i'm actually excited to get back. i really miss jamie and sophia. i will miss the beach and this gorgeous weather of course, but i think i miss them even more! i'm also ready to get home and really crack down and get ready for baby t. we only have 6 weeks and a couple days to go!

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

um...that place sounds like heaven!! You can't beat a good cake icecream! lol! AND only 6 more weeks? I can't believe it is already that crazy!