Monday, June 14, 2010

busy weekend!

i got home from sunset beach friday evening and i feel like i haven't sat down since! i guess i am in heavy duty "nesting" mode. i feel like i have been throughout the pregnancy, but now that we have just 6 weeks to go, i'm getting even more so. and i'm hoping it will rub off on jamie! saturday we went out to long island and bought our car seat and stroller. then, on sunday jamie put it together. however, they sold us the wrong car seat adapter, so we couldn't attach it and now we have to go back next weekend. it's so annoying when stuff like that happens. but at least we have the car seat, so now if baby t decides to come early, we're prepared!

oh! and i forgot to mention, when i got home on friday there were several boxes of baby gifts waiting. i thought this one was so pretty, even after being stuffed in a box!

here is our new stroller (without the seat)

the whole family was working hard to get things ready, even big sister!

i also talked jamie into putting up a new ceiling light in the baby's room. the one that was in there just didn't seem like a bed room light. so we bought a new one at ikea. i guess it was a pain to install, but it looks awesome.

see? this is the old light. not really a bedroom light, right?

and the new one! it doesn't look that impressive here, but soon i hope to post pics of the finished room and it looks really great with the furniture.

here are some more beach pics:

me and my momma (she'll kill me for posting this!)

a rather large crab we saw

big belly!

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