Thursday, June 3, 2010

astoria queens

so, as i mentioned yesterday, we spent monday in astoria. we had heard that is the place to go in queens, and that there's lots of good food. so we loaded up and drove there, with no real plan in mind. unfortunately, due to this lack of plan, we didn't know where to eat. we drove around looking for something and ended up parking in a neighborhood that looked promising and walking around. we found nothing. i ended up getting a sandwich at a corner deli and jamie didn't even get anything! then we drove towards the water and came across a sculpture park. eva had heard of it and it was free, so we went in. it was nothing that we thought it would be. pretty strange actually. it almost seemed more of a dog park, everyone there had a dog off leash. after we left there we got some ice cream from mr. softy, then headed back home. it wasn't very exciting, i'm hoping we won't go back actually. however, i know that if jamie hears of a specific restaurant that sounds appealing to him, we'll be back!

this was a sign above the entrance. i'm not sure why (it not being a sculpture). it was my favorite thing about it though.

the view

can you see that little light house? i love light houses.

kirk and eva

jamie convincing eva to be a dork with him.

the bump 31-32 weeks!

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