Friday, June 18, 2010

jamie's first 5k

last night jamie had his first 5k run. it was through his work, it was something like the jp morgan corporate challenge (???) when he signed up for it (back in february), his whole team (minus 1) signed up, and they had big plans of training and preparing for it. i don't know what the rest of them have been doing, but jamie's idea of "training" apparently involves eating lots of hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza. oh! and not running.

anyway, i met him up at his work and went with everyone over to central park for the run. i think only 2 other people from his team ended up running (slackers!) but my jamie is truly a champion! he ran it even though he hasn't run since december. when he gives his word, he means it! the event itself was insane! there were so many businesses involved. apparently they had to break it into 3 days. yesterday was the 2nd day of it, and there were TONS of people! they had divided the park into different areas (assigning each business to an area) and i think there were at least 3 of those, and ours was packed. i don't think i got very good pictures to give you an idea, but it was crazy. the bad part was that i couldn't see the actual race. i just stayed with everyone's bags. maybe next year baby t and i will wander down the the race (if i could even find it!)

this is jamie pre-race

everyone on team AE gearing up!

and after the race. his classic pose.

this was the beautiful sunset we saw on the way home.

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Yea for Jamie! I guess the hamburgers and hotdogs helped since he finished! lol! I can't believe you didn't even get to watch! lol!