Wednesday, June 2, 2010

long weekend

sorry i haven't been posting very reguarly, it's been a busy weekend/week! memorial day weekend was a lot of fun, even though we didn't do any of the traditional "memorial day" activities. saturday we took sophia to the park and walked through the farmer's market, then jamie actually helped me clean the house! and we got our grocery shopping out of the way!!! sunday we were FINALLY able to meet up with our old friends kirk and eva. you may remember them from our life in ohio. they lived a couple blocks from us and we had standing thursday night dinners. they also have an amazing letter press company, sycamore street press, and did our wedding invitations. so.... (after that long explanation), that is why they are in town, for some craft fairs and such. they are actually in nyc for a whole month, but it took 3 WEEKS for us to get together! we planned to go to ellis island on sunday, but when we got there the line was insane!!! so we decided to head to central park and we rented a row boat. it was a lot of fun, even though it was hot. we also met up with them again on monday and we did a little exploring of astoria queens. i wasn't too impressed, but maybe if we had gone with someone who knew where to go it would have been more fun. i had a couple orders to catch up on on tuesday, and today i had a doctors appointment and a hair appointment (which combined took my entire day!). so now you're all caught up. oh! and the best part of memorial day weekend is that from now until labor day jamie has 1/2 day fridays!

this was a tribute to john lennon in central park at the strawberry fields. it was strange, but beautiful.

eva looking out at the water

the boat house

jamie's island. kirk actually got us right up to this and jamie was able to jump out of the boat and stand on it.

kissing turtles. we saw lots of turtles actually, even a whole family of them. unfortunately we scared them off when we got close to try to take a picture.

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