Monday, June 7, 2010

we're back!

we got back from the cape yesterday evening. it was a great weekend! not what we had planned, but still great. the reason it wasn't what we had planned was because we only really had saturday there, and we had planned to spend it relaxing on the beach. unfortunately we woke up to thunderstorms and even though the rain eventually let up, it never cleared up completely, or warmed up much. we drove to a nearby town and went in some shops, then drove around. we actually did a lot of driving. we didn't realize how big cape cod is, but we probably saw a good amount of it. it is really a beautiful place! everything is so green and picturesque. i told jamie i didn't know if we could live there because we don't know very much about landscaping. the old manse inn was really beautiful too, and the owners were so friendly. they have a portuguese water dog named maggie. she was so cute and sweet, she really made us miss sophia.

this was at the entrance to cape cod. i couldn't get a very good picture of it.

this is where we stayed!

this little sun room was where they served breakfast each day. they also told us that this was originally the minister's house and they had church in this room. they later built a new church, and eventually an new manse (which is the house the minister lives in) so this became "the old manse".

this is maggie!

i believe this was the new church they built.

this was another beautiful old church which had an old cemetery behind it.

i don't know if you can see it, but some of these graves were dated 1811!

we thought this was a cool design. it looks a lot like alkaline trio's symbol!

this was our first time to the new england coast and it really is so different from any of the other beaches we've been to. everything about it looks different, but the beach itself was especially unique. when we got there on friday we went straight to the beach and walked in the surf. it was perfect. the water wasn't even as cold as i thought it would be, and it was surprisingly clear. it was high tide when we did this.

the beach the day we got there. gorgeous!

see how clear the water is?

jamie taking a picture of me...

while i take one of him.

i doubt i need to mention we ate a lot of seafood while we were there!

the next day, when the rain let up, we tried again and it was low tide. it was a completely different beach! we had heard the tide goes way out, but you literally couldn't see the ocean! it was just random little tide pools kind of, and even some grass. it was like nothing i'd ever seen before. boats that had been anchored in the shallow water were now just sitting on the sand. crazy!

this is the same beach the earlier pictures were of! can you believe that?

saturday night (our anniversary) we went to dinner at the bramble inn. it was really good and a cute setting.

when we came home we had some of our wedding cake top (saved for a year). it had been through SO much! including a move and being unfrozen and refrozen numerous times! but surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. (even though it looked so sad.)

and for those of you who were worried, even sophia had a great weekend. she stayed with friends and i think they REALLY wore her out! when we picked her up sunday evening she looked like she might pass out. she was soooo tired all night. even today she has been contentedly napping!

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