Thursday, June 24, 2010

window seat

so... once again i had to get up early because the plumber was supposed to be here between 9 and 10 to grout the tile and then be done. (i don't know if i've mentioned this before, but throughout my pregnancy i haven't slept well. i actually often don't even fall asleep until around 6am or so, so i get my best sleep in the morning.) well, 10:00 came and went, as did 11:00! then the lady downstairs called and said he was supposed to be here in 15 minutes. he finally came around noon. however, he came (to grout the tile remember) and forgot the grout!!! can you believe this guy? so he left and then came back around 1ish. he did the grouting and left around 2:45. after he left i felt so liberated and free! i could pee if i needed to, i could lay down, i could let sophia roam freely. i felt like i had been a prisoner in my own home all week, and now i was free! i laid on the couch and read for a bit, then i got tired and i actually decided to take a nap (which i NEVER do!) right as i fell asleep someone rang my buzzer. i was furious. i can't get a moments peace! it was my landlord AND the plumber. the plumber wanted to show my landlord what he had done. needless to say, after they left i didn't fall back asleep.

there is still lots to do to prepare for baby t's arrival. as i've mentioned before i haven't posted pictures of the nursery because we still need to do some cosmetic things and organize organize organize! one thing i've been needing to do though is make a cover for a cushion to go on the toy chest/window seat. last night i finally did it. i had no idea what i was doing, but it turned out pretty well. and i made it envelope style so it can be removed for washing. here are some pics. and hopefully once jamie gets home we can get everything else taking care of and post some pictures!

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