Wednesday, June 9, 2010

sunset beach

sunset beach is a little island between north and south carolina. my family has been spending summers here since my mom was a child. it's very small and is all residential. they don't allow any restaurants or hotels (there is just one motel which has been there since before they started coming here), so that makes it kind of cool. it's very quaint and quiet.

once, when i was a teenager (actually my last time to be here), my family was leaving to come here in a week and i told a boy i knew and he said "where in north carolina?" i said "you've never heard of it, it's just this tiny island, sunset beach." he said "i'm going there next week!" it was REALLY weird. maybe it's hard to comprehend the craziness of this situation, but growing up in oklahoma, most people referred to the "beach" as a lake. NOBODY i knew went to the ocean, and i still to this day haven't met anyone else who's ever been to or heard of sunset beach! so anyway, i got to hang out with my friend while i was there, which was way cool for a 15 year old girl who would otherwise have been stuck playing cards with her family (how embarrassing!)

anyway, this year at the beach house we are renting, there is a dove nest over the screen door. there is a mom, dad and 2 babies. the parents take turns sitting on the nest. it's really interesting to watch (probably especially since i'm pregnant) but i am amazed that they can just sit there all day and not go crazy! and i'm also amazed, and impressed by the teamwork of the parents. i LOVE that the dad is equally responsible for the babies! i hope jamie and i are like that, are you reading this jamie??? ; )

there are so many beautiful flowers here!

this is our walkway to the beach, isn't it lovely?

and here is our house

this is one of the doves. they have been nicknamed "lovey" and "dovey"

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

How fun! I feel like you are always traveling to cool, interesting places...i'm way jealous! Enjoy your beach trip in that adorable beach house!!!