Thursday, June 24, 2010


sorry i've been MIA this week. it's not that i'm so busy that i haven't had time, (although i have been keeping busy!) it's more that i'm so boring i don't have much to share. i have spent this entire week waiting on the plumber. it's been an ongoing nightmare for a few months now. apparently for over a year our shower has been leaking into the apartment below us. for some reason they never decided to get this fixed until after we moved in (lucky us!) so literally for months now i've spent many, many days waiting on a plumber, who may or may not show up. and the plumber that we've been using (in my opinion) is an idiot. so... on sunday they found a new plumber and he at least had the brains to decide he needed to knock into the wall to see what was causing the leak. the bad news in this is that there was going to be a hole in my shower and one in the lady's below us ceiling! so yesterday he first came at 9am. then for some reason he had to leave and talk to the landlord then come back, so basically the ENTIRE day i waited on him. he didn't leave until 6:30. and did i mention the water was off??? so i held my pee for hours (which is asking a LOT of a pregnant girl!) i held it so long i couldn't bare it any more and i had to pee in a cup (3 actually). it was miserable. so today he was supposed to come at noon. he didn't. then he was supposed to come between 3 and 4. he didn't. he finally came around 5:30. which put him here through dinner time. it just so annoying and inconvenient. so now i have my hole filled in with tiles, but he has to come back tomorrow to grout them. he supposed to be here by 9. this better be over tomorrow is all i have to say!

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