Saturday, March 6, 2010

baby's room

we painted the baby's room last week! it turned out really cute. we did about halfway up the wall with aqua, then a stripe of orange above that. it's a very small room, so it wasn't very hard. now we are trying to figure out if we can fit anything other than a crib in there! i also made the bumper pad last week. i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. i plan to make a quilt too. it will be my very first attempt at a quilt ever, so i'm going to wait for my mom to get here to start it. other than that we just need to fill the room now and wait for baby t (by the way we are half way through the pregnancy now!)

step 1, aqua paint

i swear jamie wasn't the only one painting, he just didn't take any pictures!

finished room. i'm hoping to use this nook as a toy storage/closet area, we'll see if there's room for it in the end.

this is the bumper pad. the exterior is this chain-like pattern, and the interior is an orange geometric pattern.

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