Wednesday, March 3, 2010


for christmas this year we went back to oklahoma. when we got there it was warm and sunny, within the week that had changed drastically! on christmas eve morning it started snowing. the news was predicting a blizzard, and even though we've learned not to trust the weather forecasters in oklahoma (they tend to be a little dramatic) i decided to call jamie (who was at his parents') and tell him to come now or we may not spend christmas together. he packed up and started trying to get to my mom's house, but only made it a couple of blocks before he had to turn around. it was that bad! so... needless to say, we spent our first christmas as a married couple in separate houses. however, by christmas afternoon, the streets had been cleared enough that jamie was able to come pick my mom and me up and we had christmas dinner at the tallericos, all together! it was a very nice, but bizarre christmas.

xmas eve we each got to open 1 gift, the dogs were VERY excited!

this is all the snow! i don't know if you can tell, but it is REALLY high!

this max trying to get over the snow. it's not happening.

xmas morning stockings!

my sister made these gloves! aren't they awesome???

sophia pretending to be sweet after making a mess of the wrapping paper.

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