Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sophia's birthday!!!

today was little sophia's 6th birthday! can you believe it? i can't. i had planned to give her a day of fun, with a couple outings to the dog run, etc. however, i was so tired today and the weather didn't cooperate : ( since sunday it's been sunny and around 60, so i thought it would be a beautiful day. instead it was really chilly and cloudy. i had planned to buy sophie a new collar and a frisbee for her presents, but i couldn't find the frisbee she likes. so i got her a new collar and a special filling for her kong. i tried my hardest to wait for jamie to get home before i let her open her gifts, but she seemed SOOO depressed, so i gave in. she seemed really excited about them. then we went to the dog run to show off her new collar! unfortunately it was so cold we didn't stay long. all in all, i think she had a pretty good day, but of course i'm sure she would beg to differ.

here are her gifts

as soon as i put them on the floor she went crazy!

first prize: new collar

second prize: kong stuff'n

i couldn't get a good picture of this, but that's what you do with the "stuff'n" you put it inside the kong, supposedly so she will have hours of entertainment trying to get it out.

it took her about 5 seconds

birthday girl

enjoying a special birthday treat

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