Tuesday, March 23, 2010

rain rain go away!

after a GORGEOUS weekend (and all last week) it's been cool and rainy so far this week. i don't mind too much since i had cleaning and sewing projects to keep me busy, but sophia is very depressed. of course my main sewing project right now is making the baby quilt. as soon as i got the house a little bit clean, i started it! it's actually a very simple pattern from amy butler's "little stitches for little ones" book. the hardest part was cutting out all the pieces, and luckily i had my mom to help me with that part. so today my task was putting the pieces together to form large squares. again, it was very simple, but took a little while just sewing all the pieces together. anyway, today i accomplished all the sets of squares but 1 i think. i will tackle that tomorrow. and hopefully the sun will be out so sophia can have some fun too!

this is the book. it's got lots of cute projects (and mine is even autographed thanks to jamie's friend!)

here's a picture of the quilt from the book. it's hard to see it, but it gives you an idea.

these are my completed squares.

and my leftover strips for the next block.

and just for fun, here is a resent belly shot. you can't really tell from this, but i am starting to show! i even had a lady give me her seat on the subway the other day, and another lady let me cut in line for the bathroom!

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