Wednesday, March 17, 2010

mom's visit (so far)

so my mom is here visiting (horray!) and we have been fairly busy already! yesterday we walked around the neighborhood and wore ourselves out, and also worked a little bit on the mobile for the baby's room. she was kind enough to bring me some crafting supplies that i needed and hadn't found here. it's not finished, but it's definitely coming along.
anyway, today she went to my doctor's appointment with me (nothing too exciting there) and then we headed for manhattan! it was mom's first time, and first time on the subway too! we bought tickets to the matinee performance of westside story, had lunch, walked and walked and walked, and then watched the show. it was really good. and it seemed to be a full house. we both especially liked the girl who played anita, it was karen olivo. she was awesome. if you haven't seen it yet, you should.
as far as i know we will be relaxing the rest of the night. i'm beat!

this is karen olivo who played anita

some of the supplies my mom brought

this is how i plan to put the ribbon on the embroidery hoop. that's probably the next step, so i'll let you know how it goes!

here is the basic concept. (sorry it's not very legible) i'm planning to do the bottom option (with the leaves)

the mobile so far

here is the finished lion

and i added a tree

i'm planning to add these leaves to the strings that the animals hang from

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